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Finalize a Run Record

The TripTix Quality Assurance process streamlines ePCR approval and finalization, cycling ePCRs from the point the record is saved through export, as explained below. The workflow includes TripTix Windows and CDX. Primarily, the Department Administrator plays a pivotal role in the process.

Records reflect the same record statuses displayed on the Home page. Some statuses are used only if Supervisor Review is enabled for your department.


Steps to Finalize a Run Record

Responsible Party

Record Status

Action Required

EMS User

Incomplete - Runs containing errors; cannot be considered complete.

Check for and correct errors. When all errors are corrected, you are prompted to finalize the record.


Complete - Runs without errors; however, warnings may still be present. Complete runs
are queued briefly for NEMSIS validation.

None. Upon submitting a run for finalization, the run is briefly listed here while being validated.

Supervisor Reviewer, QA Reviewer

Pending Review - Runs without errors but awaiting Supervisor or QA Review.

Supervisor Reviewer - Review to either finalize the run or return it for corrections.

QA Reviewer - Second tier review to either approve or escalate a run to the medical director or another individual for further attention.

EMS User

Corrections - Runs sent back to the owner for a Supervisor or QA Reviewer to enter missing information.

Correct the record, then resubmit it.

EMS User

Addendum - Runs sent back to the owner by either Supervisor or QA Reviewer or Intermedix billing for the addition of an addendum to clarify or improve documentation.

Add the requested addendum to the record, then resubmit it.

Supervisor, Medical Director

Validation Error - Runs that contain NEMSIS validation errors; held in this queue for review, then corrected
or sent back to the record owner for correction.

Correct the record, then resubmit it.


Finalized - Runs without errors and that have been finalized. Complete runs are queued briefly
for automatic upload.

No action necessary.

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