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Export Run Tables

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The Run Records tab has nine subtabs: Recent Records, Incomplete Runs, Complete Runs, Pending Review, Complications, Addendum, Validation Errors, Finalized Runs, and QA/QI. When clicking any of these subtabs, their respective landing pages open. Each landing page contains a table with a list of runs in the current status (Incomplete, Complete, and so forth). These tables can be exported (with the exception of the QA/QI table) so that you can have a complete list of run records in any given status. The process for exporting the grid is the same regardless of which subtab's table you wish to export.

To export run tables
  1. From any page, go to Run Records and click the subtab that contains the table of run records you want to export.


  2. In the upper right corner, just above the applicable table, go to Actions: Export Grid.

  3. Click on the file that downloads, opening it in a program that reads .csv files.

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