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Create a Narrative Template

You can create a narrative template to meet your specifications, or you can edit an existing template by clicking its name. The ability to edit templates depends on your permissions, as does the option to delete an existing narrative template.

To create a copy of a template, click the copy icon corresponding to the template.

To create a narrative template
  1. From any page in CDX, go to Administration: Narrative Templates. The Narrative Templates page opens.

  2. Click Create Template.

  3. On the New Narrative Template page, in the Template Name field, enter a unique name for the template.


  4. Specify whether the template is Active or Inactive.

  5. If available, to specify who should have access to the template, select an applicable option from the Owner list.

    Note: Department Managers are unable to change ownership. The Owner list is only available to DOH Administrators.

  6. For Description, enter a description for the template.

  7. Use the Narrative field to enter the text. If you need to make the text box larger in order to fit all parameters for the template, press Enter; the text box will expand. 

  8. If necessary, add variables to the template by clicking Insert Variable.

  9. Click Save.

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