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The Supervisor, Peer, and QA/QI (Quality Assurance/Improvement) Review process automates ePCR approval and finalization, cycling ePCRs from the point the record is saved through export and Quality Review. The workflow includes the report writer, the supervisor, and those assigned to a QA Reviewer role. The system notifies all parties via email when a record requires their action. Administrators can add or edit review forms and their questions, tailoring the forms to department standards.

The Supervisor, Peer, and QA Review processes are turned on via the Supervisor Review, Peer Review, and QA Review settings, found by going to Administration: System Settings: Other.

Supervisor Review

When the Supervisor Review setting is turned on for a department, after runs are Finalized by their owner and have passed Validation, the system automatically routes ePCRs for supervisor review. The review process enforces the department's interpretation of a proper chart for medical and billing documentation and ensures a level of completeness beyond Business Rules. Runs in Supervisor Review status do not export until released by a designated reviewer.

Peer Review

When the Peer Review setting is turned on for a department, after runs are Finalized by their owner, pass Validation, get sent to billing, and have been through supervisor review, the system allows ePCRs to be assigned to a user by those with Peer Review Assigner permissions. This review step uses redacted versions of the finalized run reports to provide additional quality assurance and help train basic users. The emphasis of this process is on constructive comments and professional growth and does not affect export.

QA Review

When the QA Review setting is turned on for a department, after runs are approved and released by the Supervisor Reviewer, the system automatically routes ePCRs for QA review. The review process allows this third tier of review, with all the same capabilities of the supervisor review, plus the ability to escalate a run to the Medical Director or another person for further attention.

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