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Configure Peer Review

Peer Review uses redacted versions of finalized run reports to train and provide supplemental QA for basic users. Administrators and designated Peer Review Assigners can assign runs for peer review after the run record has been finalized, validated, and submitted for billing (if applicable) to receive feedback from crew members on each other’s reports. Due to the anonymous nature of the Peer Review process, the feedback ultimately helps medicsidentify and avoid problems in their documentation.

Specifically, the Peer Review feature allows medics to:

  • View redacted versions of run reports assigned to them by their supervisor.

  • Distinguish between strong and weak reports.

  • Comment on compliance within their protocols.

  • Gain insight on how to improve their documentation.

For protected health compliance, all patient identifying information in the run is automatically redacted by the system to protect patient identity and maintain report owner anonymity.

Note: An administrator must have permissions to access and review completed run reports and assign runs to another user in the system. Medics do not need any special roles to view a peer review document.

Configure Peer Review

As the administrator, you must configure Peer Review for your department before assigning reports for review.

To configure Peer Review for your department
  1. From any page, go to Administration: System Settings.

  2. On the System Settings page, click the Other tab.

  3. Locate the Peer Review section and, for Peer Review, select On.


  4. Configure the remaining Peer Review settings as desired. See Manage Other Settings for more information.

  5. Click Save.

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