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Complete a Peer Review

Complete a peer review to give constructive feedback regarding a run to fellow medics. To complete a peer review, you must be assigned the Peer Reviewer role by an administrator.  If you have been assigned a peer review, you will receive an email with information on the run you must review and the review due date. 

To complete a Peer Review for a run record

Note: Record owners cannot review records they created, so the Review option is not listed in the menu for those records.

  1. From any page, go to Run Records: Pending Review. The Pending Review page opens, displaying all records waiting for review, sorted by review type.


  2. Go to the Peer Review section, click the Actions button associated with the record you want to open, and select Review.

  3. When the Pending Supervisor Review: [Run Record] page opens, in the upper left corner, arrange the view to your liking by using the View Options.

    • To display the PDF and QA forms in a top-versus-bottom fashion, click TTCDX_topandbottomview.png.

    • To display the PDF and QA forms side-by-side, click TTCDX_sidebysideview.png.

    • To open the PDF in a new browser tab, click .

  4. To download and examine added attachments, click the download button. This button is only visible if attachments are available.

  5. To view any previously completed reviews, directly to the right of the View Options buttons, click the Completed Reviews button.

  6. Using the review form specific to Peer Review, review the run record.

  7. If applicable, add a comment to the review by entering details in the Type comment... field and clicking Add Comment.


  8. If applicable, invite other users to participate in the review or resolve an error by clicking Invite to Comment and selecting the applicable users from the Invite to Comment window.


  9. When the review has been completed, click Reviewed and Released.

The run record proceeds to the next stage of review or becomes finalized if no other review options are enabled. If multiple users have been assigned a peer review of the same record, all users must complete the review before the record can advance to the QA Review or Finalized queue.

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