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Assign a Supervisor Review

When the Supervisor Review setting is turned on for a department, runs without errors that have been submitted for finalization by the record owner and have also passed Validation are automatically routed for supervisor review.

As a supervisor, you have the option of reviewing a run, assigning it to yourself or simply reviewing it. Further, you have the ability to assign the run record to another supervisor for review.

To assign a Supervisor Review

Note: Record owners cannot review records they created, so the Review option is not listed in the menu for those records.

  1. From any page, go to Run Records: Pending Review. The Pending Review page opens, displaying all records waiting for review, sorted by review type.


  2. Go to the Supervisor Review section, click the Actions button associated with the record you want to open, and select Assign.


  3. In the Assign Supervisor Review for [Incident] window, select the individual to whom you would like to assign the run and then click Select.

  4. When the confirmation window opens, click Save & Continue.

The run record remains in the Supervisor Review list, but now the individual's name you assigned the review appears in the Assigned To column.

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