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Assign a Peer Review

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Administrators and those with Peer Review Assigner permissions can assign a run record to another user within the system. Specifically, a user must have the TTPeerReviewAssigner and Department Supervisor groups assigned to their profile.

Tip: See Review Pending Records or Manage Users to learn how to assign a user to a group.

To assign a Peer Review
  1. From any page, go to Run Records: Pending Review. The Pending Review page opens, displaying all records waiting for review, sorted by review type.


  2. Go to the Peer Review section, click the Actions button associated with the record you want to assign, and select Assign. Unassigned records have an empty Assigned To field.


  3. When the Assign Peer Reviewer for [Run Record] window opens, showing the list of users and how many reports they have yet to review, select the check box associated with the user you would like to perform the peer review.
    You can select more than one user for the peer review. However, a run record remains in Peer Review until all assigned users have completed the peer review. Only once all peer reviews are submitted can the run be released for QA Review.

  4. Click Select. The Confirm window opens.

  5. Click Save & Continue.

Once a report is assigned to a Peer Reviewer, the Peer Reviewer receives an email indicating they have a report pending review. Clicking the link in the email allows the Peer Reviewer to review and complete the pending record.

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