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Add an Addendum

The Add Addendum function becomes available when a Supervisor Reviewer, QA Reviewer, or billing coder requests an addendum from the record owner.

There are several ways in which to add an addendum. An addendum can be added through Supervisor Review (as described below), by an ad hoc method, through TripTix Winodws, or via coding requests. Specifically, the coding team can request an addendum on a Finalized run record that has already entered billing. This addendum will be requested by the coding/billing team if particular information was not present on the report.

Alternatively, if an addendum is needed for a report that is past the 30-day limit set by compliance for an ad hoc addendum addition, a separate process for adding an addendum needs to be followed. For this process, a Client Relations Manager or Support must be contacted.

To add an addendum in Windows

Tip: Use the search fields at the top of the window to find the run records you need.


  1. On the Home page, tap Recent Records. The Recent Records window opens.

  2. Locate the appropriate run with Addendum in the Status column and tap its associated plus button. The Preview PDF window opens.


  3. If necessary, review the reason the addendum was requested.

  4. The run record's status is shown as Complete while the record processes. Once processed, the new status will be Pending Review.

  5. For Addendum, add your addendum as applicable.

  6. When finished, tap Save.

To add an addendum through Supervisor Review
  1. From any page, go to Run Records: Addendum.

  2. On the Addendum page, click the Actions drop-down button associated with the addendum you have not yet completed. An addendum that has already been addressed includes a date/time stamp in the Addendum Completed Date/Time column.

  3. From the Actions menu, click Add Addendum.


  4. On the Add Addendum page, in the Reason Addendum Required text field, read the information requested by the reviewer and enter your addendum in the Addendum text field.


  5. Click Save. A date/time stamp is added to the Addendum Completed Date/Time column for this record on the Addendum page.

Saved addenda are included in the record's PDF, including the user and time each one was added. If an addendum is added to an ePCR after finalization (through Supervisor Review), the ePCR enters Pending Review after the addendum is added.


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