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Add an Ad Hoc Addendum

An ad hoc addendum is an on-demand addendum that can be added to a run record after it has been finalized and moved to billing. Such an addendum can be added to the report, depending on your department's system settings, up to 30 days after the ePCR is finalized.

If your agency is also an IMX Billing client, when an ad hoc addendum is added in CDX, the PDF of the run record will update in billing. Additionally, an Addendum Received transaction will be added to the account, and the account is forwarded to the Addendum queue for coding to review.

Configure Ad Hoc Addendum Inclusion Time Limit

The exact time within which an addendum can be added to a run is configurable by a Department Manager with administrative privileges in CDX.

  1. To configure this setting, go to Administration: System Settings.


  2. Click the Other tab.

  3. Click to expand the Addendum section of the table.


  4. From here, for Ad Hoc Addendum, ensure the toggle is On and, in the next field, enter a number between 1 and 30. The number entered is the maximum number of days within which an addendum can be added to a run record.

  5. Once satisfied with the configurations chosen, click Save.

Add an Ad Hoc Addendum

Once the Ad Hoc Addendum system setting is set to On and a time limit is set for this addition, you can add an ad hoc addendum at any point within the specified time frame. Note, however, that ad hoc addendums cannot be added until the day after a run has been finalized and imported into the billing platform.

Note: A Department Manager can request an ad hoc addendum. However, only the ePCR Owner can complete an ad hoc addendum.

To add an ad hoc addendum
  1. From any page, go to Run Records: Finalized Runs. The Finalized Runs page opens.

  2. Locate the record to which you want to add an addendum and click its associated Actions button.

  3. From the Actions menu, click Add Addendum. The Run Summary page opens and the Add Addendum window is presented.


  4. For Reason Addendum Required, enter the reason for the addendum.

  5. For Addendum, enter your addendum.

  6. Click Save. A date/time stamp is added to the Addendum Completed Date/Time column for this record on the Addendum page.

Saved addenda are included in the record's PDF, including the user and time each one was added.


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