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About Requests

The Requests tab allows you to add or manage Exception and No Data Report (NDR) requests. To access requests, click the Requests tab from the main menu.

Note: The image below reflects the page as seen by Department Administrators. What you see may be slightly different if you are a DOH Administrator. 


You can sort the columns by clicking the column header.

NDR Requests

An NDR request is made when a department has no available data for a certain month. Requests must be accepted or denied in order to comply with regulations.

Exception Requests

An Exception request is made when the information to be submitted for a certain month is not ready or available for submission. Extensions must be formally requested in order to comply with regulations. The following types of extensions are available:

  • A temporary extension that provides an extended due date for the requested submission month.

  • A permanent extension that provides additional flexibility by not setting a due date for the requested submission month; however, it is not an exemption and the data must eventually be submitted.

You can do the following for exception requests:

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