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Manage Groups in a QA/QI Form

Once you create a QA/QI form, you can add groups, which allow you to organize the information into meaningful sections. If appropriate, you can provide a name for the group. You can add instructions related to the specific group, and you can even add sets of fields and tables to it.

To add a group to a QA/QI form
  1. After you create a QA/QI form, from the QI/QI form building page, click Insert.

  2. Select Group. The Edit Group/Table window opens.

  3. For Label, enter the name of the group or table.

  4. Click Save. The group appears on the form building page. 

  5. In the new group's title bar, click the plus icon add_button.png and select the appropriate option.

  6. If you selected FieldSet, proceed to Build Field Sets in a QA/QI Form.

  7. If you selected Table, proceed to Build a Table in a QA/QI Form.

  8. If you selected Instructions, proceed to Incldue Instructions in a QA/QI Form.

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