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Include Instructions in a QA/QI Form

To help the user complete the form, you can add one or more sets of instructions. If you add instructions from the Insert menu, the instructions are at the top level of the form hierarchy. You can also add them to components within the form, such as groups and sets of fields. These instructions appear with that component. This allows you to add instructions at virtually any level to provide your users with as much help as needed.

The order icon lets you specify where in the form or component the instructions appear.

To insert instructions in a QA/QI form
  1. After you create a QA/QI form, from the QI/QI form building page, click either Insert or the add icon associated with the entity you want to add instructions to and select Instructions.

  2. In the Edit Instructions window, enter your instructions.

  3. If appropriate, to format the text, use the tools available in the window.

  4. Click Save.

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