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Create a QA/QI Form

This task defines the form's Title, Type, and Description. After you complete this task, you can:

To create a form
  1. From any page, go to Administration: QA/QI: Forms.


  2. Click Create Form. The Create Form window opens.


  3. Enter a title for the form. The form's title appears on the QA/QI Forms page and when the form is displayed to a reviewer.

  4. For Type, select the type of form that corresponds to the role of its intended reviewer.

  5. For Description, enter a brief description of the form. The form's description appears on the QA/QI Forms page.

  6. Click Continue. You are taken to a page where you can continue building the form, adding fields, questions, and so forth.

Note: Only one form can be active at a given time for that type of QA document. Therefore, when a review form is published, it takes precedence over the default form is replaces.

Features and Tools

The following features and options are available when you are building the form.

Icon or Option



Insert a Group, Table, or Instruction. Groups and tables are containers holding fields and questions.

edit_icon.png or edit_icon2.png

Edit the instruction, group, table, set of fields, or question.

add_button.png or add_button2.png

Add an instruction, group, table, set of fields, or question.

delete_button.png or delete_button2.png

Remove the instruction, group, table, set of fields, or question. If you remove an item, you also remove any items it contains. The system asks you to confirm each deletion.


Reorder the items in a group, table, or set of questions. Click the icon next to the item you want to move and drag it to its new location in the list, table, or form.


Save additions and changes to the form. If you are working with a form already published, this saves a draft of the revised form. You must publish it to make it available to users.


Preview the form as the reviewer would see it. You can then return to the form and make and save additional changes or publish it.

Save and publish the form. While you are editing an existing form, the unchanged version is still the one available to reviewers. To make this new version available, you must publish it.

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