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About QA/QI Groups

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If your organization uses custom QA/QI forms, QA/QI groups can be a useful way for managing subsets of runs with specific criteria. Department administrators can use groups and define not only what custom form to utilize for run records categorized into a group, but also what runs belong in the group according to Found To Be, Protocol, Protocol Age, Station, Platoon, and Destination values.

To create a QA/QI group
  1. From any page, go to Administration: QA/QI: Groups.

  2. Click Create New QA/QI Group. The Create QA/QI Group window opens.
    Note: You must have created at least one custom form to create a QA/QI group.

  3. For QA/QI Group Name, enter a name for this group.

    Note: The Group Name must be unique.

  4. For Add Runs to Group Based on, select the appropriate criteria for the run records that should be added to this group.

  5. For Runs Dispatched between, select the date range within which a run record must fall to be added to this group.

  6. For Utilize Custom Form, select the custom form that should be used when reviewing run records assigned to this group.

  7. Click Save.

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