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About QA/QI Forms

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Note: This module is optional and might not be available in your system. To learn more about this feature, contact your Client Services Manager.

The QA/QI tool set offers a wide variety of options so you can configure and implement the exact information-gathering form you need to automate ePCR approval and finalization, cycling ePCRs from the point the record is saved through export. The workflow includes the medic, Supervisor, and QA Reviewer roles. The system notifies all parties via email when a record requires their action.

Building the form's questionnaire consists of creating a structure or hierarchy. For example, you can add a group that contains a number of fields. You provide the group with a name and then add questions appropriate to that area. For example, you could add a group called Demographics and add questions in that group related to a patient's age and gender.

Options for building out a QA/QI form include:

  • Adding instructions to the top level of the form, as well as to a group and a set of questions.

  • Adding sets of questions to a group or a table.

  • Including a list of values from which the user can choose. You can use an existing list of standard options, such as states or counties, or build a list from scratch.

  • For most types of questions, specifying the default value that appears to the user for that question.

  • While creating or editing a form questionnaire, previewing how forms will appear to your users.

Note: Only one form can be active at a given time for that type of QA document. Therefore, when a review form is published, it takes precedence over the default form is replaces.

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