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Extend a NEMSIS Element

With the acceptance of NEMSIS 3, states have increased flexibility to define custom elements. Not only can you define simple questions and answers, but you can also define and answer groups of questions. Included in this new freedom is the ability for State (DOH) Administrators to extend a NEMSIS element.

To extend a NEMSIS element
  1. From any page, go to Administration: Pick Lists.

  2. Search for and select Custom Configurations. The Custom Configurations page opens.


  3. Click + Extend NEMSIS Element. The Extend NEMSIS Element window opens.

  4. Locate the configuration you want to extend and click its associated Edit Pick List link. A new browser tab opens.

  5. Activate, deactivate, or edit elements of the pick list as needed.

  6. Click Back to Pick Lists.

  7. Click + Extend NEMSIS Element. The Extend NEMSIS Element window opens.

  8. Locate the configuration you just modified and click its associated Generate link. The Create Custom Configuration window opens.

  9. Complete the fields. Some fields can be edited, but others auto populate and cannot be changed. Fields that cannot be edited are grayed out.

  10. If necessary, click Edit Pick List or Refresh Values From Pick List.

  11. If applicable, click Check Availability.

  12. After making all necessary changes and adjustments, click Save.

Note: A success message appears to confirm your changes and custom configuration creation.

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