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Edit a Custom Configuration

You cannot edit the Type or Field Type after you save a Custom Configuration. However, you can make simple or complex edits to a configuration.

  • Simple edits are those that do not change the meaning or the syntax of the question, such as text changes to the Title, Definition, or description of a Custom Value.

  • Complex edits are those that change the meaning or the syntax of the question, such as changes to the Custom Element ID, Usage, or Custom Value Code. When you perform a complex edit, the system alerts the user based on the edit implications. The system then creates a new version of the custom configuration, including a new Custom Element ID. The "old" version of the item is set to Inactive.

On the Custom Configurations page, the Label highlighted in gray represents a custom group. Any Label that subsequently appears under a gray, highlighted row is the configuration itself. You may edit either the custom group or the configuration.

To edit a custom configuration
  1. From any page, go to Administration: Pick Lists.

  2. Search for and select Custom Configurations. The Custom Configurations page opens. The image below reflects the page as seen by DOH Administrators. What you see may be slightly different if you are a Department Administrator.


  3. Locate the configuration you want to work with and click its corresponding Edit link. The Edit Custom Configuration window opens.

  4. Update information in the fields.

  5. Click Save.

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