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Create a Custom Configuration

Define a unique question your state or department wants medics to answer in the ePCR by creating a custom configuration.

To create a custom configuration
  1. From any page, go to Administration: Pick Lists.

  2. Search for and select Custom Configurations. The Custom Configurations page opens. The image below reflects the page as seen by DOH Administrators. What you see may be slightly different if you are a Department Administrator.


  3. Click + Add Custom Configuration. The Create Custom Configuration window opens.


  4. Enter information in the fields.

  5. Click Save. The new configuration is shown under the group you designated, if applicable, and is immediately set to Active.

Custom Configuration Fields

Select either Demographic or Event.

Data Standard
Select the data model that this custom configuration question follows.

Enter the title you want to display on the Custom Configurations and ePCR pages.

Custom Element ID
Enter a unique ID that you want to represent this element when it is eventually included in your XML export file. Click Check availability to be sure the ID you chose is not already in use.

Enter a description of the custom question.

Select the option that regulates user completion of the question in the ePCR, and whether "NOT" values are permissible responses:

  • Mandatory – Must be completed and does not allow for NOT values.

  • Required – Must be completed and allows NOT values.

  • Recommended – Does not need to be completed and allows NOT values.

  • Optional – Does not need to be completed and does not allow for NOT values.

Field Type
Select the option that specifies the type of data required in this question.

  • Boolean (Yes/No)

  • Date/Time

  • Integer/Number

  • Text/String

  • Pick List (Single Selection)

  • Pick List (Multiple Selection)

If you choose either of the Pick List options, Custom Values fields appear below the Field Type. The field on the left represents the description of the value that displays when users click the drop-down field. The field to the right is the Custom Value Code your system uses to identify the value internally and when creating an XML export file.

Add to Group
Select from your existing Custom Configuration Groups to add this question to a group, or select (none) to include the question in the Stand-alone Custom Configurations group.

This field is applicable to custom configuration groups that are of Multiple recurrence. Due to the sensitivity of this field and its impact on NEMSIS reporting, it is recommended that you contact Support before setting the Index.

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