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Create Custom Configuration Groups

State and Department Administrators can optionally create Custom Configuration Groups to logically organize their Custom Configurations. If a Custom Configuration is not assigned to a group, it automatically belongs to the Stand-alone Custom Configurations group.

To create a custom configuration group
  1. From any page, go to Administration: Pick Lists.

  2. Search for and select Custom Configurations. The Custom Configurations page opens. The image below reflects the page as seen by DOH administrators.


  3. Click + Add Custom Configuration Group. The Create Custom Configuration Group window opens.


  4. Enter information in the fields.

  5. Click Save.

Configuration Group Fields

Select either Demographic or Event.

Data Standard
Select the data model that this custom configuration question follows.

Enter the title you want to display on the Custom Configurations page.

Custom Group ID
Enter a unique ID that you want to represent this group.

Note: This field is fully implemented for export in a future enhancement.

Group Definition
Enter the user prompt you want to appear in the ePCR.

Group Recurrence
Select either Single or Multiple. Selecting Single allows users to answer the set of questions for this custom configuration group once. Questions are located in a separate shaded box and labeled according to your specifications.

In the example below, a custom configuration was identified as part of a Single recurrence group and labeled Field Set. It is in its own section within the Department Specific section of the run record.
Selecting Multiple allows users to answer the set of questions for this custom configuration group more than once. Questions and answers are grouped together and presented in a way so that users can input data more than once.

In the example below, users can click Add Florida Stroke Assessment and answer the Multiple recurrence set of questions in a new window. When the questions are answered, the entry is saved and appears in the table. If users wish to enter another stroke assessment, they can click the Add link to create another entry in the table.


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