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Add Items to a Pick List

If a pick list is incomplete, you can add new items to it for users to select.

Important: New entries added to a pick list must be mapped to an existing parent NEMSIS value.

To add items to a pick list
  1. From any page, go to Administration: Pick Lists.

  2. From the table, select the pick list you want to modify. That pick list's page opens. If you select a department demographic, such as Department Facilities, the demographic page opens instead. See Manage Departments.


  3. For DOH Administrators, from the NEMSIS version drop-down, select the NEMSIS version of the pick list you want to add the items to.

  4. Click Create Item. The Create Item: [Pick List Name] window opens.


  5. For Parent Item, select the appropriate NEMSIS value.

  6. For Description, enter the name of the item as it should appear to users.

  7. For Long Description, enter a detailed description of the item.

  8. For Narrative Text, enter the sentence, statement, or simple text that should appear when this pick list item is added as a narrative variable for insertion into the narrative.

  9. For Sort, select the position (in relation to other items in the list) in which this item should appear.

  10. Click Save.

  11. When the confirmation window opens, click Yes. The new item appears in the pick list table.

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