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Manage Fax Failed Notifications

Fax Failed notifications, automated notifications that are sent to managers and supervisors when a fax of a run record failed, can be configured in the Notifications: Automated tab. Although an automated notification, you have different configuration options you can choose from to optimize your use of this notification. For example, you can turn off these notifications, but you can also selectively choose which individuals receive this notification so that the notification is not completely disabled.

To configure Fax Failed notifications
  1. From any page, go to Notifications: Automated Notifications. The Automated Notifications page opens. 

  2. Click the Configure link associated with the Fax Failed notification. The Fax Failed Notification Configuration page opens.

  3. In the Details section, for Status

    • If you want to receive Fax Failed notifications in some capacity, select Active.

    • If you do not want to receive any Fax Failed notifications, select Inactive. Proceed to step 7.

  4. If you selected Active, go to the Email Notification Participants section and click Add Email Participants. The Add Email Participants window opens.

  5. Select the check box associated with each manager or supervisor who should receive notifications for a failed fax.

  6. Click Add.

  7. Click Save.

The Send Notification To field populates according to the status option and email participants you selected. If you opted for all managers to receive notifications, this field reads All Managers and Supervisors. If you selected only certain individuals for receipt of Fax Failed notifications, this field reads Configured Email Notification Participants. This field is empty when these notifications are inactive.

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