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TripTix CDX (Clinical Data eXchange) is a state NEMSIS repository for EMS data reporting. This program provides a way to collect incident-level data from EMS agencies and analyze the data for benchmarking and identifying quality improvement initiatives. After you log in to the CDX system, you are taken to the Home dashboard. 

Note: The image below reflects the page as seen by Department Administrators. What you see may be slightly different if you are a DOH or Health System Administrator.


Depending on your role in CDX, you may see any combination of the following sections:

  • System Message – This section displays messages to you from Intermedix in a blue box below the Dashboard header. You can close the box by clicking the "X" in its upper right corner.

  • Run Data – Seen only by Department Administrators, this section displays a summary linking to the various sections of the Run Records page.

  • Bulletins – After logging in, you may receive a notification prompt to either acknowledge and read notifications or indicate you intend to read them later. The Bulletins section displays your most recent notifications, including the time they were sent, their subject, and their status if they require acknowledgement.

  • Upload History – Available to both DOH and Health System Administrators, this section displays the files you have uploaded. Click the percentage links to view more details about the files.

  • Submission Report– This section, seen only by DOH and Health System Administrators, displays a snapshot of the submission report for your department. Click the number links to view more about the submissions for a single month.

Your Dashboard can be customized to display the information most important to you.

In addition to these sections, if you have a designated Client Services Manager (CSM), the contact information for your CSM is available at the bottom of the page, in the Need Help? section of the footer. This section can include the CSM's name, phone number, and email address.


Note: This information is found in the footer of every page and can only be seen by administrators.

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