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Health Systems

To properly perform continued treatment, billing, or reporting on their respective patients, third parties may find it necessary to access the TripTix system. In such cases, System Administrators can grant third-party access to patient records on behalf of any agency, organization, or department by using Health Systems.

Health Systems essentially group specific agencies, organizations, states, or departments together. In this way, a Health System User and Health System Administrator are limited in the records they can see. Health Systems can be used to not only limit external parties to certain patient records, but they can also be implemented for limiting access to departments. These per-department permissions offer flexibility and leave the option open for certain departments to opt out of sharing access to their records.

Upon request, the TripTix Support team will work with you to grant hospitals, collection agencies, and so forth permission to have restricted access to the TripTix CDX system. For help configuring Health Systems, contact Support at 888-735-9559.

Health System Administrators

If you are a Health System Administrator, you are limited to seeing the Home, Records Exchange, Reports, Notifications, and, potentially, Administration tabs. Additionally, the Home page itself will only show the System Message, Bulletins, Upload History, and Submission Report sections.

If you are an administrator who oversees several health systems, you can easily switch to viewing a different system at any time.

To view a different health system
  1. From any page, in the upper right corner, click Switch Health System.

  2. In the Switch Health System window, for Health System, select the system you want to view.

  3. Click Save.

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