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What are Flexible Business Rules?

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What are Flexible Business Rules (FBRs)? 


Business Rules are logical requirements for completing an ePCR based on various field selections. For example, if the Patient Disposition field is not marked as Canceled or No Patient Found, information must be entered in the Patient Demographics fields. These logical requirements may already exist in NEMSIS guidelines or as department protocols. However, you can create Business Rules in CDX for any additional departmental needs.

FBRs must be generated as schematron files, XML representations of the rules, in order for the system to use them in validating uploaded run records. State administrators can also upload an external schematron file to be used in the validation process.

Note that FBRs can be made by the state or generated whenever a new State Schematron is updated. FBRs are reflections of the Schematron for enforcing the policy of the state and NEMSIS while an ePCR is being edited, allowing providers the ability to see any requirements while they are documenting the report.

FBRs can be added at a department level to alter portions of the application and add additional requirements. If you would like to add FBRs, contact your CRM for assistance or training.

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