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Runs Stuck in Uploading?


What should I do if a run record is stuck in uploading? 


The first step would be to verify that the run record has not, in fact, been uploaded. When a run record is uploading from TripTix Windows to CDX, the record is not visible in Windows during the upload period. To verify that a run is not lost or missing, users and administrators with access to CDX can easily view the status of uploading runs.

To search for uploading runs and view their status
  1. In TripTix CDX, go to Run Records: Recent Records.

  2. Click Advanced Search.

  3. For Status, select Uploading.


  4. For Last Modified, click Today. This is the end date used in the search.


  5. Click Search. The results table shows only uploading runs before the current date.


  6. View the state of the run record by looking in the run's corresponding Status column. Run records that are uploading contain Uploading in the Status column, and a gold Information button is in the final column.


  7. Click the Information button to view additional record details.


  8. In the Status column, click Uploading. The serial number of the device that the run was last being worked on appears.

  9. Turn on the device corresponding to this serial number.

  10. Log in to TripTix Windows and ensure that the count for Runs yet to be uploaded is 0.

  11. If a number other than 0 appears for this count, wait for Internet connectivity and allow a few minutes for a run to upload.

  12. If the run record still does not upload after verifying Internet connectivity, call Support with your Toughbook readily accessible.

If the run shows as both Uploading and Finalized, there may have been a connectivity issue during the upload process that caused the run to be saved twice. In this case, email Support with your information and the ePCR number to be removed.

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