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Faxing an ePCR?


How do I fax a run record? 


Both TripTix Windows and Web allow you to fax a run record to the appropriate involved stakeholders, including facilities and billing entities. 

Whether you can manually fax the record in TripTix Windows, however, depends on whether the Manual Faxing feature is enabled by your system administrator. If this feature is not enabled, faxing of the record occurs automatically: after the draft is completed and once the record is finalized.

To fax a run record from Windows or Web, see Fax a Run Record.

If Supervisor Review is Enabled

If Supervisor Review is enabled for your department and you’d like a run to automatically be faxed to the receiving facility when it is submitted to Pending Review, then the Send Unreviewed Fax setting should be turned on by logging into CDX and going to Administration: System Settings: Other. In the same location, if a signature document needs to be included with the PDF of the PCR,  then the Include Signature Documents on Unreviewed PDF setting should be set to on. When this setting is off, any ePCRs that enter Supervisor Review do not show the signature document as part of the PDF. It is still attached to the record, however.

If Supervisor Review is Disabled

If a record needs to be automatically faxed upon entering a finalized status, then the Fax Finalized Patient Care Record setting under Administration: System Settings: Other needs to be on. If this setting is on and faxing is turned on for Supervisor Review, the record faxes again upon exiting Pending Review and entering a finalized status.

If a signature document needs to be included on the finalized PDF and fax, then Include Signature Documents on Finalized PDF should be turned on, too. If this setting is off, any signature documents are not included on the finalized PDF or with the final fax.

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