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Edit a Device

As an administrator, you can control the devices users can use to access TripTix. From the Device Management subtab, you can edit and activate devices as your privileges allow. Unique auth codes can also be generated from this subtab.

To edit device information

Note: When editing device information, several fields are read-only and cannot be edited. Such fields are colored gray.

  1. From any page, go to Administration: Device Management. The image below reflects the page as seen by DOH Administrators. What you see may be slightly different if you are a Department Administrator.


  2. Click the Authorization tab.

  3. Locate the appropriate serial number and click it. The Edit Device window opens.

  4. Edit information in the fields as needed.

  5. Click Save.

Device Fields

Current status of the device: Active or Deactivated.

Serial Number
Serial number of the device.

Note: This field is required and is read-only.

The operational platform the device uses.

Last IP
Last IP given to the device.

Last Seen
When the device was last seen used.

Note: This field is read-only.

Brand of the device.

Model of the device.

Software Version
Version of the TripTix software used on the device.

Note: This field is read-only.

Current Department ID
Current department ID associated with the device.

Any additional information or details about the device.

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