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Department Demographics

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To access the Departments page, go to Administration: Departments. The table lists all departments you have access to or those that are within your agency, state, or health system.

When you manage a significant number of departments, it can be helpful to use the Advanced Search toolbar. This toolbar allows you to narrow down the departments listed in the table, filtering by Agency Status and/or Demographic Status. After selecting department criteria, simply click Search to update the list so it reflects any status filters.


To edit department demographics, click the View Demographics link associated with the applicable department. The following demographics information can be edited:

If you are a DOH Administrator, you can click the name of the department to modify its settings.

Deactivated Departments

When you deactivate a department, the following actions occur in the system:

  • Any associated system users are unable to log in to the deactivated department. If a user was only associated with the deactivated department, you can add another department to the user's account so they are able to log in.

  • The department does not appear in any drop-down menus or filters.

If you change a department from Deactivated to Active, the department information becomes available once again.

Note: Deactivating a department does not delete it from the system.

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