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Change the NEMSIS Data Standard

When a new NEMSIS data standard becomes available, DOH Administrators can set the most recent standard as the requirement for the departments they manage and oversee. However, when you update a department's data standard, a process must be in place that verifies the accuracy of data after conversion.

The following procedures can assist you in outlining the data standards accepted for each state, the standards expected for each department, and the upgrade process for converting from one NEMSIS data standard to another.

Tip: After upgrading or converting a department's NEMSIS data standard to a newer version, you may also need to upgrade run records so they reflect the new standards. Upgrading run records is typically performed by Department Administrators.

To change a department's NEMSIS Data Standard

Important: Changing a department's data standard to that of a more recent NEMSIS version cannot be undone. Once changed, the department cannot switch back to any previous standard

  1. From any page, go to Administration: Departments. The Departments page opens.


  2. Click the name of the appropriate department. The Edit [Department Name] page opens.

    Tip: Use the Advanced Search toolbar to quickly locate a department by Agency or Demographic Status.

  3. For Data Standard, select the NEMSIS version the department should follow.

  4. Click Save. The Data Standard Modification message opens.

  5. To continue with the data standard change, select the check box, and then click Save.

After changing the data standard, you are returned to the Departments page. A processing icon TTCDX_processingicon.png now appears to the left of the department you updated. Once the new data standard is applied, processing completes and one of three icons appears to the left of the department.

Note: If the processing icon continues to be shown, refresh the page.

  • TTCDX_successfulupgrade_icon.png – Conversion Successful. Indicates the department was successfully upgraded to the new NEMSIS data standard. No further action is required.

  • TTCDX_successfulbutwarning_icon.png – Conversion Successful with Warnings. Indicates the department was successfully upgraded to the new NEMSIS data standard; however, there are errors. Errors occur due to an invalid rule or pick list item that is no longer in the NEMSIS version you upgraded to. To resolve these errors, a Department Administrator must review the business rules for this department.

  • TTCDX_conversionerrors_icon.png – Conversion Errors. Indicates conversion errors; the department was not successfully converted to the new NEMSIS data standard.

If there are warnings or errors associated with the newly converted department, you can identify the warnings by clicking the icon. The Agency Data Standard Conversion Results window opens, showing you the severity and a brief description of each warning or error.


From this window, as a DOH Administrator, you can re-attempt to convert departments that failed to upgrade to the new data standard (that is, departments with the conversion errors icon associated with them). Simply click Reprocess Data Standard Conversion, and the agency is queued to retry the conversion.


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