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Add a Department Location

This section fulfills the dLocation Grouping NEMSIS requirement. For more information, see the NEMSIS Data Dictionary.

To add a department location
  1. From any page, go to Administration: Departments. The Departments page opens.

  2. Locate the appropriate agency and click its corresponding View Demographics link.

    Tip: Use the Advanced Search toolbar to quickly locate a department by Agency or Demographic Status.

  3. In the left sidebar, click the Locations tab.


  4. Click Add Location.


  5. Complete the location fields, providing the correct demographics for the department.

  6. Click Save.

Location Fields

Location Type
Type of location you are adding.

Name for the location.

ID Number
An ID number for the location.

A Fax, Home, Mobile, Pager, or Work number designation, followed by the corresponding number.

Address for the location.

Latitude and longitude, as well as the national grid coordinates, for the location.

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