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Add a Department

As a DOH Administrator, you can add a department into the CDX system.

To create a department
  1. From any page, go to Administration: Departments.

  2. On the Departments page, click Create Department. The Create Department page opens.


  3. Enter information in the department fields.

  4. Click Save.

Department Fields

Name of the department.

Agency Number
The agency's ID number.

NEMSIS Version
The version of NEMSIS the department uses.

Data Standard
NEMSIS data standards the department accepts.

Agency Start Date
The start date for the department.

Active or deactivated.

Enter any additional comments about the department.

Zip Code
The ZIP Code for the department. This action provides a list of city options in the City field.

The city the department resides in.

This field is populated automatically when you specify the city.

Time Zone
The time zone for the department.

Indicate whether the state in which the department resides uses daylight savings time.

Client Type
The TripTix solutions the department uses or has access to.

Note: Selecting Upload Only limits a department's access to specific features, tabs, and capabilities. Certain fields and options are subsequently invisible to an Upload Only user, ensuring they only see applicable elements.

Department Relationships
Click Add Subdepartment to add departments belonging to the department you are creating. Select subdepartments from the list and click Save. To remove a subdepartment, select it from the Department Relationships table and click Remove.


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