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Validation Scores

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A validation score is assigned to every department as a way to determine whether the department's average submissions are acceptable within a single month. You can view the validation score totals on the Submission Report page.

A department can receive one of two validation scores: Low or Acceptable. Validation scores are calculated by completing the following steps:

  • Validation Score = Calls Without Warnings and Errors / Total Calls X 100

    • Divide the total number of run records a department submitted in a single month without warnings or errors associated with them by the total number of calls a department received for that same month. For example, a department submitted 80 acceptable run records without warnings or errors and received a total of 100 calls that month. The result is .8.

    • Multiply the result by 100 to create a percentage. The result is 80%.

If the resulting percentage is lower than the Low Validation Score Threshold percentage, which is by default 90%, the department receives a low validation score. A DOH Administrator can configure the low validation percentage by going to Administration: Configurations.

The system informs departments with low validation scores that the number of successfully submitted run records must increase for a validation score of Acceptable. Administrators may also take further action with these departments by notifying them.

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