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Export NEMSIS Files

Export to NEMSIS any event or demographic data for a specific month, year, and/or NEMSIS version.

To export data from your system

Note: All fields are required.

  1. From any page, go to Records Exchange: NEMSIS Exports. The NEMSIS Exports page opens. The image below reflects the page as seen by Department Administrators. What you see may be slightly different if you are a DOH or Health System Administrator.

  2. Click Export NEMSIS Data. The Export NEMSIS Data window opens. 

  3. Complete the fields.

  4. Click Export.

Export Data Fields

A blue "important" message appears above the fields, indicating the event start and end dates for the export. By default, the dates are based on the Unit Notified By Dispatch Date/Time of the call. You can change this setting by going to Administration: System Settings: Other: Export Data.

Whether you want to export event data or demographic data.

NEMSIS version you would like to export data for.

Note: Selecting a version excludes information from other versions.

Date Range
The date range within which you want data submissions exported.

Mandatory Data Only
Whether you want all data or only mandatory data exported. If No, all elements are exported.

Include Attachments
Whether you want attachments exported in addition to data. If No, attachments are excluded from the export. If Yes, attachments are exported, including signature documents, waveforms, lab graphics, and other manually attached files.

NCBP Format
Whether the data should be exported in the format required to send data to the National Collaboration for Bio Preparedness Integration (NCBP).

Max # Events Per File
The maximum number of events you want exported per file. 1000 is used as the default for this field.

The email to send the exported data file to.

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