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Connect to NEMSIS 3 SOAP Service

With the transition to NEMSIS 3, any run record and related files submitted to a state for aggregation must come through a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) service. Using a SOAP service, communication between your disparate operating systems occurs using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and its associated Extensible Markup Language (XML).

If you want to connect to the NEMSIS 3 SOAP service to submit a request, you must have access to a SOAP service. This access can be accomplished using an automated service, UI program, or other similar platform.

Prior to proceeding with your connection, confirm you are using the Intermedix production URL – https://triptix.intermedix.com/IMXSoapService/v1.3/NemsisWebService.

Additionally, call Support to obtain a username and/or password for the department you are submitting files to and ask for the organization for the department.

Important: The organization correlates with the department's Internal Department ID – it is not the department's agency ID or the agency number assigned by the state.

Once these credentials are gathered, you have all the information third-party vendors should need for the configuration. If needed, contact Support to verify the query limit value.


Note: All images within this section are examples of the explained features using the SOAP UI. Download the SOAP UI platform by visiting soapui.org.

In the SOAP service itself, the different calls that might apply include QueryLimit, RetrieveStatus, and SubmitData.

Each call produces a different return or provides for a different function:

  • QueryLimit – Returns the maximum allowed file size in kilobytes (KB).

  • RetrieveStatus – Returns the results of the processed file; may also return 0 if the file has not finished processing.

  • SubmitData – Sends XML data to the TripTix CDX system to be processed. The response includes an ID that can be used with RetrieveStatus (requestHandle).

For more detailed information about these calls, refer to the NEMSIS wsdl.

To submit a request to the specified endpoint URL

Note: The Intermedix production URL is https://triptix.intermedix.com/IMXSoapService/v1.3/NemsisWebService.

  1. Open your SOAP service access point.

  2. In the Projects tree, navigate to RetrieveStatus and click its expand icon expand_icon.png. A Request 1 option becomes available in the Projects tree. To the right of the Projects tree, the Request 1 panel opens.


  3. In the Request 1 panel, enter the appropriate username, password, and organization credentials.

  4. Once proper configurations have been made in the Request 1 panel, click the green, right-facing triangle.

    The generated report opens in a panel to the right of the Request 1 panel.


Common Codes and Troubleshooting

In general, when a report results in a positive number, this indicates a successful transfer. However, if you receive a negative value from the RetrieveStatus or SubmitData report, a process was invalid or could not be performed appropriately. Several specific, common codes are defined below.

Success Codes

  • 0 – The file was submitted to the webservice, but it is still processing. Check back later on the file's status.

  • 1 – Successful import of a file.

  • 3 – Successful import of a file, with [WARNING] level Schematron rule violation reported.

Error Codes

  • -1 – Invalid username and/or password.

  • -2 – Permission denied to the client for the operation.

  • -3 – Permission denied to the client for that organization.

  • -4 – Invalid parameter value. This error can occur when the requestType parameter does not meet the call, if the schema parameters are incorrect/not supported, or if the organization is left blank.

  • -12 – Failed import of a file due to failed XML validation.

  • -14 – Failed import of a file due to an [ERROR] level Schematron rule violation.

  • -16 – Failed import of a file due to a critical Business Intelligence rule violation.

  • -30 – Failed import of a file because the size of the SOAP message exceeds the allowable limit.

  • -40requestHandle unknown, or the user does not have permission to view it.

  • -42requestHandle is not in the correct format (requestHandle should be numeric only).

Refer to the NEMSIS wsdl for information on other potential code returns.


For questions or concerns regarding the SOAP service, please contact Support at 888-735-9559 or support@intermedix.com.

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