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Product Announcements

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Product announcements are PDF documents that cover the new features and enhancements associated with a specific release of the product. You can easily print and distribute these documents, as appropriate.

Recent Announcements

In general, anyone can access product announcements to learn about the most recent new or enhanced system functions. The announcements appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent appearing at the top.

Release Date Summary


September 2018

New flexible business rules layout and conditions, enhanced process for the addition of signature documents, updated UI to align with company styles, and more.


June 2018

New QA/QI groups for managing subsets of runs, enhanced external submissions UI, configurable Quick Events toolbar, and much more.


March 2018

New protocol-based charting, option to withdraw addendum and correction requests, manual assignment for supervisor review, and an escalate to medical director option.


January 2018

New ability to set default values for procedures and medications; new system settings, upload notification procedures, access to CDX for hospitals, and more.


September 2017

New custom forms, system settings for CAD imports, PDF template and settings, and a Run Summary page. 


June 2017

New Reassign run record option and system settings; added control over automatic faxes and customization and sorting of pick list items; expanded filters for exports and more.


March 2017

Premiered the TripTix and CDX Client Hub, added new system settings for the Work-related Exposures table, streamlined management of TripTix documents, and much more!


January 2017

New options for including default assessment values, new TripTix CAD system settings, improved narrative template creation.


November 2016

Introduced Health Systems, re-introduced eTransfer functionality, added a Quick Times window, improved Everyday Triage functionality, applied a new Transport narrative template.


August 2016

Added NEMSIS 3.4.0 to data standard options, new view and upgrade options, simplified conversion of departments from NEMSIS 3.3.4 to 3.4.0, reflected new NEMSIS 3.4.0 elements.


May 2016

Automated notification management, mini narratives, enhanced tabbing, streamlined run record PDFs, event re-ordering.


February 2016

New options for reopening or deleting runs, editing forms, sending submission reminders, completing peer to peer run transfers, and more.


October 2015

New Peer Review feature and Custom Configuration capabilities, improved security features, enhanced Stroke Assessment tab, added patient lookup options.

If you would like to view earlier product announcements, contact your Client Services Manager (CSM).

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