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About Protocol-based Charting

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Protocol-based charting is a way in which to promote protocol compliance and documentation of such compliance as completely as possible. With this form of charting in place, providers must document particular assessments, procedures, and medications that correspond with the protocol they elected to follow for their patient.

For example, if a patient has chest pain and a medic chooses to run the General-Cardiac Chest Pain protocol, the run record will now require the medic to enter a series of specific assessments, procedures, and medications before the run can be considered complete. For chest pain, you may need to enter an initial assessment, document delivery of 324mg of aspirin, and record a 12-lead ECG procedure. The specifics as to what is required for a given protocol is determined by regional/department protocols and is configurable by an administrator.

To access this feature and add protocols, go to Administration: Clinical Settings. The Clinical Settings landing page opens.


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